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   Formed in 2008 Cosmic Waste brings a unique take to modern thrash metal. The term cosmic waste refers to how so many things we have to do on a daily basis are a waste of time. The daily rat-race we all live results in wasteful practices that are harmful to our well-being as well as Earth's.  We seek to point out the dangers of how wasteful we have become in our society.  Many of our songs are about the dangers of not being aware of our actions towards ourselves and our surroundings. You will often hear Bob say "Don't be a Cosmic Waste".  As far as our genre... Cosmic Waste is driving drums, heavy riffs, screaming solos, and deep vocals featuring spates of aggression. The band's message to the planet is that we, collectively, should not only notice the many things that are already a cosmic waste due to the lack of a better way of thinking, but to not allow ourselves or our lives to become a cosmic waste. They maintain that the belief "better thought for better function" will bring a better way of existence.

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