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Cosmic Waste

Carolyn LaTona

Carolyn's influences include Ozzy Osbourne, Axl Rose, The Doors, Tesla, and L.A. Guns. Music was a big part of Carolyn's childhood with everyone in her family singing and playing different instruments. She was trained by Bob Thorton in her high school choir and concert band. She has performed twice at Disneyland, twice at The Governor's Mansion, as well as on the Capitol steps in Sacramento during mutiple statewide tours. She loves everything known to the natural world and would rather be in the wild with dirt under her fingernails than anywhere else. She also enjoys listening to music and soaking in all the great artists and sounds of the past and present in her spare time. She also spends most of her time writing poetry and songs. All of our lyrics are from her mind and many journals.

Robert LaTona

    Bob began playing guitar in 1991 and his influences include Randy Rhoads, Slash, Metallica, Motley Crue, L.A.Guns, Guns and Roses, The Doors, Ozzy, Dave Mustaine, Tesla, Bon Jovi , Led Zeppelin, and Joe Satriani. Before Cosmic Waste he was involved with The Illuminati (formerly known as The Revnants) of Colorado Springs, CO and Gravemind of Pueblo, CO. Bob is an avid ice hockey player, and is a goalie on the Pueblo Men's Hockey League. He enjoys sailing, the outdoors, sports, and anything having to do with music.

Danny Lazzarini

    Danny is a hardcore drummer that adds a unique flavor to the energy of the music. Danny is influenced by all music and also grew up in a home surrounded by music. His father plays guitar in a local band in Pueblo. Danny has had love for the drums his whole life. Upon graduating high school he has played in many bands that have performed throughout Colorado. Currently he also plays with the band Goatsilk. Danny is a busy guy juggling many projects and always on the go. He enjoys riding his quad, mountain-biking, snowboarding, and getting outdoors.

Brandon Hindshaw

Brandon Hinshaw is a seasoned musician from McKook, Nebraska whom has played in many bands in his career. The most recent being with Hero Kid before he joined with Cosmic Waste. He played football in high school and enjoys watching football, especially his Cornhuskers. He likes racing and building engines that can go as fast as you can get them. 

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