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Cosmic Waste

Carolyn LaTona

This little spitfire of a demon's influences include a broad range of the older rock metal like Ironmaiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath to Pantera, White Zombie, and Alice in Chains which helped her get through adolescence. As a writer she is influenced by experiencing life and uses her observations to pass on lessons of betterment for all of humanity. She is all about what is metaphysical and mysterious spending most of her time researching energy and sound healing.

Bob LaTona

    Bob began playing guitar in 1991 and his influences include Randy Rhoads, Slash, Metallica, Motley Crue, L.A.Guns, Guns and Roses, The Doors, Ozzy, Dave Mustaine, Tesla, Bon Jovi , Led Zeppelin, and Joe Satriani. Before Cosmic Waste he was involved with The Illuminati (formerly known as The Revnants) of Colorado Springs, CO and Gravemind of Pueblo, CO. Bob is an avid ice hockey player, and is a goalie on the Pueblo Men's Hockey League. He enjoys sailing, the outdoors, sports, and anything having to do with music.

Wesley Wedel


This thrasher, born and bred, Oregonian, metal-head grew up on the 80's thrash metal scene and has played in bands such as...Pestilent Phallus, All Teeth and Fury, and Rogue to Ruin. 
  His hard hitting drum techniques carry the old school thrash vibe with a bad ass modern feel that is sure to make your headbanging neck sore for days. 

Jason David Wilkie Parrish

Jason is an accomplished remixer, composer, skilled instrumentalist, and producer. [AKA] DJ Amaya introduced audiences to Japanese dance music at anime conventions across the US which led him to tour Japan, Singapore, and Sweden. Coming home has brought him back closer to his metal side and his additionto Cosmic Waste has brought harmonic depth to the music.

Rikky Sicks

Rikky tears up his bass with passion naturally hearing where to fill a rhythm. He is a multi-talented musician totally immersed in musical projects, and is also currently the drummer for Nuclear Nation. Making music his life he is a big part of the scene and music community by promoting local bands in his venue Midway Music in Salem, OR.

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